EVE 3.56

Tiny editor for vector graphics


  • Very light for a vector graphic editing program
  • Can be transported on a pendrive


  • Interface is very basic
  • Takes some time to learn based on step by step instructions

Not bad

Dealing with vector graphics usually sees RAM and CPU's sucked into a void that only the toughest can make it out of.

But imagine if you could deal with vector graphics with a program of just 74KB in size. That's exactly what EVE allows you to do enabling those who are even on the slowest of PC's to enter the world of vector graphics. EVE is basically a general application for drawing vector diagrams but it's so small that you can share them quite simply by sending the program itself via e-mail or attaching it to a pen drive for sharing with others.

There is no installation required meaning the RAM and CPU footprint is remarkably small for a program of it's capabilities. However, at the same time, it's not a hugely sophisticated vector editing program. There are many limitations to it compared to heavy duty programs although for those seeking only basic vector graphic authoring, it's more than enough.

EVE is amazingly light and functional for a vector graphics program but it will still take some time to get to grips with as the instructions and FAQ are quite extensive.

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